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Mad Hatter Tea

A taste of Wonderland

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Tweddle Dee, Mad Hatter, Tweddle Dum
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In the UK 10/6 is Mad Hatter Day = 10th June

In the USA 10/6 is Mad Hatter Day = 6th October


In our Wonderland world of make believe we love everything front to back and back to front so obviously we celebrate both days with as much gusto as the other. We are the only organisation to officially celebrate two separate days in the annual calendar!

Mad isn’t it?


Who is The Mad Hatter?

The Mad Hatter's a famous character in Lewis Carroll’s Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland. It was illustrated by the famous artist John Tenniel who worked for PUNCH, one of the most popular magazines of the day.

Where did Hat come from?

Hatter had a top hat, Hatter’s hat portrayed “In this style 10/6” upon it which was the price that predated decimalisation therefore the cost in 1865 the year the book was first published was 10 shillings and 6 pence, and that later became the date and month to celebrate Mad Hatter Day.


10/6 (Ten shillings and six pence) is equivalent to 52p in today’s money

£0.52 is equivalent to $0.63 (US Dollars)


I realise £0.52 doesn’t sound a lot but taking a look at inflation over the last 150 years, that cost today can be anything from £350 to £650’s.


How do we celebrate Mad Hatter Day?

  1. People around the globe especially on Mad Hatter Day, but not exclusive to the day itself have been know to adorn an outlandish hat… It doesn’t need to be a Top Hat, but it does need to be a hat that carries itself with a peculiar hint of eccentricity.
  2. A Mad Hatter can, especially on one of the Mad Hatter Days be so MAD, that they throw a Mad Hatter’s Tea Party.
  3. Some people buy Mad Hatter Cards with an envelope string and tag teabag inside and post them to friends and relations, exclaiming I was just thinking about you and as its Mad Hatter’s Day, I’d like you to have a drink on me.
  4. On Mad Hatter Day no matter how heavy the day, carry a minimum of 3 riddles in your head along the lines of the following: -
    1. What tea is the hardest to swallow?
      1. Reali-tea
    2. What happened when the duck fell into the teacup?
      1. He quaked it
    3. What do you get when you pour a hot cup of tea down a rabbit hole?
      1. Hot, cross bunnies
    4. Why is it smart to always ask your teacup for advice?
      1. Your teacup always has a handle on it
    5. What do you get when you meditate with a nice cup of tea?
      1. Sereni-tea
    6. What did the saucy saucer say to the teacup?
      1. Oh! You do have a hot bottom
    7. What do you call a wizard holding a teacup and saucer?
      1. A saucer-er
    8. What begins with T ends with T and is full of T?
      1. A teapot
    9. What language do teapots speak?
      1. Teabrew
    10. What is a structural engineer’s favourite tea?
      1. Structural integri-tea


Happy Mad Hatter Day to you!!!