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Mad Hatter Tea

A taste of Wonderland

  • Van Gogh

    Van Gogh in wonderland

    Beneath the bright and starry skies
    I sip my coffee, hot and wise
    The cypress tree stands tall and still
    As I lose myself in this tranquil thrill

    The bright stars twinkle up above
    As I contemplate this peaceful love
    A moment in time, a pause to breathe
    In van Gogh's wonderland, I find reprieve

    The starry stars, a sight to see
    As I revel in this mystery
    Warm streetlight casting shadows long
    In this peaceful place, where I belong

    With each sip of coffee, warm and strong
    In this moment, this heavenly throng
    I inhale van Gogh's star filled night,
    Finding solace, and peaceful respite.