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Mad Hatter Tea

A taste of Wonderland

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1x80s (250g) Price includes postage (T2R)

Madcap saying
With a cup of Mad Hatter in hand I turned my head aside; suddenly I was a million miles away. But I had every intention of getting back home in time for tea...

Mad Hatter Tea
Mad Hatter Tea is a perfect balance of colour and flavour combined together to tantalise taste buds, placing the spotlight on a quality product that simply revives the spirit, enriches the mood and adds peppiness and cheerfulness to the substance of life.

Who is the Mad Hatter?
The Mad Hatter is a whimsical character initially encountered at a tea party within Lewis Carroll's 'Alice's Adventures In Wonderland' story.

The Mad Hatter's unique connection with tea, it seems appropriate to blend them together so everyone can experience 'A taste of Wonderland'.

Mad Hatter: Teabags 1X80s Retail 250g
GBP £ 7.95