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Mad Hatter Tea

A taste of Wonderland

Contains: -
1x227g Wonderland Imperial Ground Coffee. Price includes postage (Cafe04-R3)

Madcap saying 
Created for people who dream, dreams so huge, the universe has to expand to fit them in..

Taste notes:
This is a very dark roast with a sophisticated exquisite smooth flavour. Arabica beans hail from Brazil, Honduras and Columbia.
There are hints of fruitiness in this velvety blend, as well as a luxurious depth of smokiness.
One cup is good two cups are better...
Roast colour: Dark
Arabica/Robusta: 83% Arabica, 17% Robusta

A taste of Wonderland ®
Strength ☕️☕️☕️☕️

Wonderland Imperial Coffee Ground 1x227g
GBP £ 8.99